November 2018

Say Yes

Saying yes to God is a simple yet challenging thing in the Christian life. While We intuitively understand that saying yes to God means blessing and fulfilled purpose, inside, we often struggle with saying yes, because our minds have not been fully renewed to submit all of who we are to Christ. In today’s message […]

Path to Greatness

Most people would say that they aspire to greatness, but like the Disciples in Mark chapter 10, the issue of greatness among believers is filled with much more complexity than it appears. So much so, that Jesus sits down with His disciples and addresses the issue of ambition, greatness, and the Kingdom. Today we begin […]

October 2018

Face it

In the book of Job chapter 3, we find a man that has suffered extreme tragedy, and we walk with him down the path of fear and anxiety, as he confesses that his greatest fears have come upon him.  That path is familiar to some of us, who have also suffered tragedy, but if we […]

Overcoming Fear

After the fall of Adam in the garden, God calls out to Adam, only to hear Adam acknowledge that he was afraid. It is so fascinating, that the crown of creation is attempting to hide from his loving creator because of fear.  Fear is one of the most devastating hinderance to the releasing of our […]