June 2019

The Journey pt 18 – Living the Journey pt 2

We live in a world that wants to be free, so people are often confused when we say that freedom comes from obeying God.  How can submission result in freedom? Today we address this challenge as we continue our series titled the journey with message 18 titled living the Journey part 2.

The Journey pt 17 – Living the Journey

Over the last several months we have been in our series titled the Journey.  This series is about the True Prosperity that is in Christ and how the believer accesses and lives daily in that prosperity. In today’s message, we do a recap of some of the key concepts that we have covered so far, […]

The Journey pt 16 – The Calling

Today we continue our series titled the journey with a message In the modern church age, many people struggle with the concept of spiritual calling. In today’s message, we look closer at this issue with a message titled Kingdom Principles of Leadership: The Calling, from our series titled the Journey.

The Journey pt 15 – Influence

In Numbers 13, Moses is instructed by God to send a group of leaders out to explore the promised land that God was giving to the Children of Israel.  The 12 individuals selected were all leaders of their tribes, but had no idea that the report that they would bring back would shape the destiny […]