December 2019

The Journey pt 35 – What is in Your House?

In Matthew 22, the Pharisees come to Jesus to try to trick him into making a statement about whether or not Jewish people should pay taxes to the Roman government. Instead of being tricked into making a political statement, Jesus discerned their trap and provided them and us a deeper understanding of the real question […]

November 2019

The Journey pt 34 – Understanding Money

Money is one of the most divisive subjects in the Church, but the subject of money is one of the most important issues that a church must discuss. Unfortunately, if a pastor talks about money too much he runs the risk of sounding greedy or that he is after an offering, but if he talks […]

The Journey pt 33 – Make Room for Provision

The prophet Elijah receives an interesting message from God, saying that God had commanded a Widow to provide for Elijah during a drought.  The interesting thing was that in Jewish society, widows were often on the lowest of economic scales, yet God chose the Widow to be an instrument of Kingdom Supply for His Prophet.  […]

The Journey pt 32 – The Law of the Spirit of Christ Jesus

In 3rd John 2, The Apostle John is encouraging a disciple named Gaius, that he was praying for him to prosper and be in health just as His soul was prospering.  The word prosper in this passage referrers to be equipped for a journey, and this is the foundation of our series titled the journey.  […]