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March 2020

Best Year Ever pt 10 – Faith and Wisdom

In this season of uncertainty, it is hard to know where to go for answers, our study of the book of Ephesians has shown us that God desires to manifest His Manifold wisdom through the church.  This means that for answers, we must connect and commune with God and hear His voice over the noise of life.  In today’s message, we press deeper into this thought with message 10 of our series The Best Year Ever, message 10, Faith and Wisdom.

Best Year Ever pt 9 – The Great Manifestation

As we continue our series the Best Year Ever, many of us may be questioning how this can be the best year ever when we are facing the crisis of a global pandemic?  The truth is that Christ in us and the presence of the Holy Spirit empowers us to stand during this crisis and if we stand, there will be a great manifestation of God’s Glory that will be seen throughout the world. Today we continue our series that Best Year Ever with message #9, The Great Manifestation.

Best Year Ever pt 8 – Releasing the Masterpiece

According to Ephesians 2:10, You are God’s Masterpiece in Christ for good works.  Because of this reality, you have now become a threat to the Kingdom of Darkness, and the greater the threat you become, the greater the attack against you. But God has made us overcomers, by establishing us in Christ, and now you must learn how to be established in Christ so that you can Release the Masterpiece and overcome the darkness.


February 2020

Best Year Ever pt 7 – God’s Masterpieces

When you hear the word Masterpiece, what comes to mind.  If you are like me, you think of pieces of art or music created by talented artisans who after many years of cultivating their craft are able to produce masterful works of art.  But as we look at Ephesians 2, we find that God also has masterpieces. In today’s message, we expand the revelation of Christ in us, with a message titled  God’s Masterpieces, from our series the Best Year Ever.

December 2019

The Journey pt 39 – Principles of Harvest and Increase pt 2

Honoring God begins with acknowledging God for what you already have, and when a believer begins to acknowledge God and thank Him for what they already have, the doors of faith for increase begin to open. In today’s message, we continue talking about The Principles of Harvest and Increase from the Kingdom Supply section of our Series titled the Journey.

The Journey pt 38 – Principles of Harvest and Increase

Proverbs 3:9-10 tells us to Honor God with both our possessions and our increase, with an understanding that by Honoring God, you release Kingdom Supply.  But what does it mean to honor God with our possessions?  In today’s message, we begin introducing the Principles of Harvest and Increase, from our series titled the Journey.

The Journey Pt 37 – Faith and the Firstfruits

Proverbs 3:9 tells us that we should honor the Lord with our possessions and with the firstfruits of our increase; but what does that look like in today’s world and in our personal economies? Today we dive into this subject with the next message in the area of Kingdom supply, from our Series titled the Journey.
Today’s message is titled Faith and the Firstfruits.

The Journey pt 35 – What is in Your House?

In Matthew 22, the Pharisees come to Jesus to try to trick him into making a statement about whether or not Jewish people should pay taxes to the Roman government. Instead of being tricked into making a political statement, Jesus discerned their trap and provided them and us a deeper