March 2019

The Journey pt 8 – Praying for Our Oikos

Every believer has been divinely placed into a specific setting and circumstance and given the ministry of reconciliation for those individuals, the God supernaturally puts into our life.  Those people are called our Oikos and include our families, friends, neighbors, co-workers, and others. Today’s message is titled The Journey Pt 8, Praying for your Oikos.

The Journey pt 7 – Divine Connections pt 3

Divine Connections are the people that God supernaturally places in our lives. As we grow in Christ we begin to recognize that God expects us to maintain Kingdom Relationships in order to bring His will to pass. 

The Journey pt 6

During the course of our lives as believers, God uses us as Divine connections to bring His blessings into the lives of the people around us, Like Abraham, we have been blessed to be a blessing. Today’s message is titled Divine Connections part 2, from our Series titled the Journey.  

February 2019

The Journey pt 5 – Divine Connections

 Today we continue our new series titled “The Journey”, with message 5 titled Divine Connections.  This series is all about our growth in Christ and walking into the fullness of God’s desires for us.