May 2019

The Journey pt 13 – Leading with Diligence

The Book of Romans chapter 12 describes seven ministry gifts that operate in a believers life according to their faith. One of the seven does not really sound spiritual but definitely impacts our spiritual life, Leading with Diligence. In today’s message titled Leading with Diligence, we look at the spiritual principles behind Kingdom Leadership.

The Journey pt 12 – Concerning Spiritual Gifts

In 1 Corinthians 12:1, Paul tells the Church at Corinth that he did not want them to be ignorant concerning spiritual gifts. This warning from Paul alerts us the reality that Spiritual Gifts have a high potential for being misunderstood.  In today’s message, we press into understanding regarding with a message titled Concerning Spiritual Gifts.

April 2019

The Journey pt 11 – Finding Your Motivation

As Christians, there are times when we find ourselves challenged to use our gifts and abilities for God.  We sometimes struggle with our motivations for living the life of faith.  Today we continue our series titled the journey with part 11, Finding Your Motivation.  

What Happened on the Cross

The foundations of Christianity rest on three things; one is the understanding that all human beings are imperfect and live below our divine design, the second is our belief in the existence of God and His character as a creator of all things, and the third is God’s compassion on our human condition and the […]