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February 2020

Best Year Ever pt 6 – Embracing the Mystery

To become a Christian, a person must receive the revelation of The Mystery of “Christ in us, the Hope of Glory”. This single revelation of the Grace of God is that God blesses and chooses us through a predestined adoption to make us accepted in the Beloved (who is Jesus), and gives us redemption, salvation, and the Holy Spirit to make us complete.  The revelation of this mystery helps us understand that a relationship with God is not obtained through works or through perfect behavior, but by the Grace of God through Jesus Christ.

Best Year Ever pt 5 – Illuminating the Mystery

In the books of Ephesians and Colossians, the Apostle Paul references multiple times a Mystery. A mystery by definition is an unknown or unknowable truth that can only be comprehended by divine revelation. Paul’s Mystery is explained in Colossians 1:27, “Christ in us, the hope

January 2020

Best Year Ever pt 4 – Are You Ready

What does it mean when someone asks “are you ready?”  This question usually invokes a mental or physical inventory of our capacity or supply of what is needed for an event, activity, travel, challenge, etc.  To be ready for the Best Year Ever, there are a couple of foundational things that God needs from us, and that is the focus of today’s message, Are You Ready from our series titled the Best Year Ever.  

Best Year Ever pt 2


In Acts chapter 20 the Apostle Paul shares with the Elders of the three elements of his service to the Church. These three elements translate to the modern church as keys to the Best Year Ever. In today’s message, we dig deeper into these three elements with a message titled The Gospel Impact pt 2 from our new series titled The Best Year Ever. 

November 2019

The Journey pt 34 – Understanding Money

Money is one of the most divisive subjects in the Church, but the subject of money is one of the most important issues that a church must discuss. Unfortunately, if a pastor talks about money too much he runs the risk of sounding greedy or that he is after an offering, but if he talks

The Journey pt 33 – Make Room for Provision

The prophet Elijah receives an interesting message from God, saying that God had commanded a Widow to provide for Elijah during a drought.  The interesting thing was that in Jewish society, widows were often on the lowest of economic scales, yet God chose the Widow to be an instrument of Kingdom Supply for His Prophet. 

In today’s message, we continue the segment of our Journey Series called Kingdom Supply, with a message titled Make Room for Provision.  

The Journey pt 32 – The Law of the Spirit of Christ Jesus

In 3rd John 2, The Apostle John is encouraging a disciple named Gaius, that he was praying for him to prosper and be in health just as His soul was prospering.  The word prosper in this passage referrers to be equipped for a journey, and this is the foundation of our series titled the journey

The Journey pt 31 – Kingdom Supply

Today we begin a new segment of our Journey Series with a message titled Kingdom Supply, which is God’s supernatural provision for His people to finish their course and achieve their destiny.